- (kissmybrass88) wrote in tfbc,

Looking pretty dead around here

How is everyone?
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really good.
goddamnitnotenoughTIME!! AUGH!

Anyway. Today was my last saturday practice, state week starts in two days, and a week from tomorrow will be the last competition I ever march.

'Yond that, I'm just a bit wiped. Yay exhaustion...
marchign band :*( such a distant memory we ended two weeks ago already all i have left is one pepband game and band o rama then its just symphonic aaah i keep remembering random marching band things now, im getting a little misty eyed. i think if i dont do marching band in college i will spontaneously combust
Things could be better, or more alive.
College marching, what a blast :)
Busy. Very busy. State marching competition this weekend. :-)