aligerdraco (aligerdraco) wrote in tfbc,

yay!!!!!!!!!!!! i am incredibly happy right now we jsut got back our results for drum major and i made assistant :):):):):):):):) it was kind of weird though because a freshmen made drum major, a hyper active freshmen at that,i sort of feel bad for the kid everyone was complaining that eh made it, but he had perfect form so it should be ok, hopefully the responsibility will help him grow up a little bit, or his energy will sort of help keep freshmen in line, anyways anyone have any assistant drum major advice
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my advice: show the band that you're fun, but also show them that you're no pushover--show them that you're boss :)

A) Heed Melliechick's advice
B) Don't start, or participate in, power struggles
C) Be proud! You made it!
what on earth is an assistant drum major?
an assistant drum amjor sort keeps track of their own section more, but still sort of keeps an eye on the other unruly sections, we get to teach the freshmen how to march too, and dont have to conduct except for one song at the end of the year, im guessing you are from a small band?

anyways thanks for the advice, i shouldnt have too amny problems, the freshmen already told me that they consisdered me the mom of the trombone section about a month before try outs,so i figure thats a bit of an advantage
i'm assistant too. and yeah it's hard. my job is to help the members with their problems and all the other stuffs. i don't know about u...maybe it's different..but anyway, congrats!