aligerdraco (aligerdraco) wrote in tfbc,

hello all,
i just found this community on a search thing my name is jessica and i play trombone (bass and tenor) in marching, symphonic and jazz band i look forward to many interesting band camp stories, although i cant think of anyof my own that are too interesting at this point, unless you enjoy hearing about people runnign in to coat racks in parades hmm anyways nice meeting everyone
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Greetings, o-one-of-bassbonelike-bretheren...^_^

Funny thing, that. Didn't know any others existed, but all of a sudden I've met 3/4 in the past week or so. If you say you're in colorado I'm going to die because I like being one of the only ones here...heh won't hold it against you though.

So yeah. You play bass bone, I play bass bone. In jazz band. I play Schnel (said bass bone) in Full Orchestra also, but on the 3rd part (and on second part in the bone choir)...

Also play eupho, marching baritone, alto and tenor saxes, clarinet, cymbals, and fife. Because I changed from woodwind to brass about a year ago, and because Winter Percussion rox0rx m4 box0rz...

So yeah. Welcome, salutations, go to and get a SN, hope you enjoy your stay.

And I'm done. Sorry for the mass of information that you really weren't looking for...^_^;; just a little excited to find another bass bone player...
yes i always enjoy talking to fellow bass t-bone players, i find it funny that you never met another one before, we have two at our school and the ohter one lives two houses away form me, which is rather funny, must be something in the water. i ussually jsut play the bass in symphonic and then stick to tenor for the rest, but thats jsut because our jazz teacher wont let me use the bass, she ussually usses the bass part as something to dump on the most inexperienced player, it makes me cringe. anyways dont worry aobut me taking your role as the only bass t bone player in colorado im no where near there and and i am not a bassbone like bretheren, try sisteren, jsut had to make sure that one was cleared up. nice talking to you ohh and if you go on the trombone community you can find lots of other bass players, i think ive onvolved that community in pretty much every one of my posts on this community so far, jsut wanting to get the word out talk to you later

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