- (kissmybrass88) wrote in tfbc,

Looking for co-mod

I'm going to be gone this whole summer beginning May 27th-August 13th. I will be marching with Magic in DCI playing the mellophone (very excited!). With this comes the need for someone to take on the reigns of managing this place over the summer. Managing this community is very simple. I've never had to delete or edit posts. All I ask is for you to remove members who delete their journals. If for some reason you should find a post that brings for flame wars (hasn't happened yet), please remove it. You will be able to keep your position after I come back. Just make sure all posts follow the rules (which I'm going to the user info right after I post this to add).

No experience necessary, but it would be very helpful if I knew you well through the TFBC forums (vets especially).

To contact me:
Email - cordefrancais@yahoo.com
AIM - kissmybrass88
MSN - iluvcocoa@hotmail.com
...or just post a comment here leaving your own contact info (contacting me is preferred).

Thanks! :-)
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