Lime Jello (sourceoftheecho) wrote in tfbc,
Lime Jello


Ok, so far they have switched conductors from our kind, loving, sarcastic band director to our ditzy, uninformed, rookie choir director. They have unofficially extended practice an hour. Oh, and said choir director fired our lead bone because she "had a bad attitude." Namely because she kept saying that we had no second ending in one song (because we don't) and said choir director didn't like that. She thinks that the measure directly after the repeat counts as a second ending...I dissagree, because alternate endings mean that some part of the first ending is cut out. Which means that following the score and then moving past the repeat sign does not constitute as an alternate ending, a second ending, or anything more than ending the repeat.

So now we're short one bone player. And I sorta started playing less than a year ago (and am, coincidentally, having issues with the second book) so I suck to bad to play first book.


EDIT: I am reffering to our musical, btw...
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it was a march, wasn't it? almost all marches, if somebody has the same part in the first and second ending, they won't even bother to write it out. you just count the measure before the repeat the first and the second ending.

Actually it wasn't a march. And when she finally told us where she wanted us to go, she cited the measure AFTER the repeat sign.

Which is rather...bizzare. And illogical.