Karby (primadonna87) wrote in tfbc,

Metronome Online!

OK, now this could be cool to me just because I am super bandgeek for life and all, but my band director told us today about metronomeonline.com where they have an ONLINE METRONOME that you can use on your computer for free, which is awesome for practicing at home and super easy to use. I tried it out earlier and it totally rocks! Anyways, just had to tell ya about it. Please excuse my brief moment of metronome insanity, Dr. Beat has corrupted me...

- Karby
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you should join this community 1sexybandgeek
aaach dont they make you fill out some ridiculous resume to join with pictures.
my friend has been trying to get in for a while and they wont let him , but i suppose that means hes jsut not as band-geeky as he thought