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Tales From Band Camp

For the crazy TFBC bumpkins!

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Hey TFBC! Finally a community for us! Hope you like it :-D
Please visit http://www.talesfrombandcamp.com to see where a majority of our members are from.

Founded by kissmybrass88.
Managed by kissmybrass88, heardtheworld, and insane_clarinet.
Layout by joltcola626.

Also check out the official NBK club community tfbcnbk.

The Rules

This community is fairly lax, but I'd like to impose some restrictions.

1. Please no community promoting unless placed under an lj cut. This is done by <*lj-cut text="Your text here"*>blah blah blah<*/lj-cut*>. Take out all the *'s.
2. Place all pictures under cuts as well. We don't want to give our dial-up users a head ache :-)
3. If you delete your journal and do not revive it after a long period of time, your name will be removed from the members list. No one likes a list full of crossed off names.
4. Have fun! Discuss anything relevent to TFBC, band, or music in general.