Lime Jello (sourceoftheecho) wrote in tfbc,
Lime Jello


Pit Orchestra started today...or atleast practice with the cast did. South Pacific...which, for those of you who have not seen it, is not nearly as funny as the cast likes to think. Silly cast...


Just checking in, or something like that. If anyone else is in pit orchestra, they should share stories. This is (unfortunately) my first year so all I know is hearsay...
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My first rehearsal is next week, Fiddler on the Roof. Clarinet and Bass Clari :)
Hooray! A fellow first-timer.

My experience has been a lot of fun! Our last three shows are showing tonight through Friday. I thought it would be hard, but it actually wasn't. So long as you practice, you should do fine. But you also need to keep in check the other players, because if they don't practice, it won't sound very good.

A good tip for any musical is to buy the soundtrack!!! It'll help you to get to know the play, and the music, like time changes, tempos, etc. Even if your music isn't in the same key, it's still a good idea to buy the soundtrack, and listen to it...a lot!! Fortunately, the musical I'm playing in (Assassins) had a soundtrack in the same key as my music.

Most of all you should just enjoy your time in Pit. It was really stressful for me, so I kept a light attitude and everthing went smoothly.

Oh yeah...only when you've played in pit will you truely understand the phrase "The show must go on!".
Heh. I've heard us coming in on time, but no cast members appearing because they thought we were still on the intro...
Yeah, it happened tonight at our show, but usually you just have to watch your director and be able to change measures quickly.
I played in the pit for Les Mis last year and we're doing Ragtime this year...rehearsals start in a week or two. It's awesome but by the end it is definitely time for the show to be over.

Funny story - we had a hired professional trumpet player playing with us for Les Mis, this big guy named Ed. Anyway, during one rehearsal the mallets/percussion player comes in and our pit room is pretty cramped so she has to walk past him to get to her spot. She somehow manages to catch his trumpet stand with her foot and so his trumpet falls over, onto the side with the valve slides on it. So, he picks up his trumpet, runs out of the room, starts screaming curses sooo loudly, and then he kicks a locker, with force enough to break his toe. After a second or two he walks calmly back into the room and tells us that his trumpet is not damaged, or at least not more than $5 will fix.

Maybe it's a you-had-to-be-there kind of story, but hey...
Moral: watch out for Ed.
We also had a graduate come back to play trumpet. He spent most of the shows saying "poop" very loudly into the mics around the pit room.
I start Bye Bye Birdie tomorrow ;;^_^ Go sax! hehehe ;^_^
whoa. is that sailor mercury?

anyhoo. i played in the musical last year "how to succeed in business without really trying". It's actually quite hilarious. But yeah, I played the bari sax and bass clarinet (reed 5 book, heh). It was sooo much fun and I wish I could do it again this year, but unfortunately this year's musical doesn't require any saxes...*grumbles* stupid beauty and the beast *grumbles*
yep, 'tis Mercury!

And I was wrong, we start the 28th ;;^_^
Heh...I'd say huzzah for fello sax brethren, but I'm really more like a crazy uncle. Transfered to low brass this year...ohwell...

Ehh, once a sax, always a sax ^_^
"Les Mis" was our marching show for the past season. My band director loves musicals, but I'm not a big fan. Well, beside "Chicago", that's a great one. And yet I'm in pit, ha. I'm doing flute and picc for "Into the Woods", definitely a strange musical. It's a mix of a bunch of different fairy tales.
we're doing greece because our musical director was fired and the psych teacher thinks greace is awesome. therefore we have no pit this year. into the woods a few years ago was fun though!